Thursday, February 28, 2013

Secure Future

Today Matt had to go up the the Army office. Afterwards, he met me at school and as we sat and talked about our day he told me that one of the men at the office asked him why he really joined the Army. Matt told  the man he joined so that he can go to school for free after his four years. The man apparently then asked him why he is really joining, and Matt's response to him was so that he can guarantee a secure future for him and his fiancé. I just thought that was the sweetest; my heart melted just a bit after hearing those words. I had never heard him say that was his reasoning before. I always assumed that was part of it, but he had never said it out loud before today. I have to sometimes remind myself that this will be good for us, and is completely worth it. Yes, it will be hard being away from him for long periods of time, but in the long run this will really help to give us a nice future. I love him so much! 3 days to go until he leaves! 

Monday, February 25, 2013


Matt hasn't left yet, I still have 6 days 11 hours and 2 minutes.. haha! Yes, I'm counting every second with an APP. Anyways, getting to the point of what I was going to say.. I think that one of the most helpful things to do is to stay focused on something. Recently I began working out, eating healthier, and getting results! I use  another APP called "Loose it" that was introduced to me by a friend to count calories. I've gone past my limit a couple times, but I think everyone should be allowed a treat a week. You can't completely deprive yourself. I've lost 12 solid pounds so far and my confidence is really growing. I feel better about myself, and my body feels better too. I hope that while Matt is away this staying healthy kick I'm on will help to keep me busy. I've been looking up recipes online and trying some of them out, and let me tell you, eating healthy can be very yummy! I recommend finding something you like doing - and focus on it. I suppose that is my tip for the day.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The unknown

I've spent the weekend with Matt and heard plenty about the army, and him leaving, and how long he'll be gone, and what he'll be doing, and when he'll come home.. so on and so on. I suppose while other people are around I can easily conceal my emotions. I feel, and hope, that my face shows no signs of how scared I really am. I know it's only 6 months, but since we've been together the longest I've been away from him is about a week. I don't even know what I'm scared of. I do not want to be sad, that's not an option though. I definitely will feel sad, every day I'm not with him. I don't want to not hear from him, but that's not an option either. He will be busy, and has already told me he won't have much time, if any, to write letters while he's in boot camp. That's three months. Three months with no contact at all. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? The fact is, I don't know. I have no idea how I will feel, what I will do, or how he is doing. I believe that is what scares me the most. The unknown.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

12 days

12 days until Matt leaves. I cried on the way to school this morning. It was rainy anyways, so it was a good day to cry. I haven't cried in a while so I don't feel so dumb doing it. I'm glad his mom and I are becoming closer. I want to stay close with his family while he is gone. I'm scared it won't work as well as I plan, but I'm hoping for the best. You'll be hearing from me soon. Bye for now!