Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catch up

So, about those classes Matt was supposed to start. Tuesday Matt got to class and they turned him away because his identification card was not working. After turning him away they informed him that he would be held back about 3 more weeks. Well, that news sucked! I got a little teary eyed, but wiped them away and kept positive. No matter the amount of time Matt is gone I will always always wait patiently to be reunited with him, because I know eventually we must be reunited. The next day Matt decided to try again to fix his card, and guess what! This sergeant fixed it right away! I was over joyed with the news! Matt said he would try once again to go to class that night. I continued my weekly routine of going to his mom's house every Wednesday, and did not receive another message from him for the rest of that evening - meaning he was in class!! His class schedule goes from late afternoon till about 2 Am. So, the bad news we thought was reality is now changed, and he should not be set back those extra 3 or so weeks! I decided to stay up until he got back, and I have continued to do so every day since he has been in class - which is about a week now. It's a little tough to stay up that late - I run out of things to do while waiting - but I end up figuring something out! I barely get to talk to Matt at all during the week, and so I stay up late to at least talk to him a little before going to sleep. I miss him more at night; the day gets quieter, and my thoughts get louder. We've still got about 3 months left, maybe a little more until we are reunited with each other. If you think about it, that's not so bad. Even as I think about it in the moment it's not that bad. It's just kind of normal now that Matt is far away. It's just how it is. I'm not saying it's easy - it's NOT. I hate how this is normal that he's far away, every day I think about how I'd love to just hug him, and kiss him, and hold him, and tell him how much I love him - I can't wait until that day is finally here! I spend my nights wishing I were cuddled in his arms, and I spend my days wishing he was by my side keeping me company. When we do talk, it's usually quick, and full of "I love you's" - and I LOVE THAT. I have to say that the distance is not hurting our relationship one bit, in fact I feel even closer to him. It's not easy to stay strong, and happy, and madly in love while you are so far away from your loved one - but we're doing it! and we're doing it so easily. Every day Matt proves to me that he is the perfect man for me, and I only hope I do the same for him. I really am marrying my dream guy!
Now, let me get you caught up on what I've been up to while waiting for all this training to be over! I started back at school this past Monday. I go to FCC Monday through Thursday from 9 am - 12:30 pm. Even better - it's a math class! I'm kidding when I say "even better", because math is one of my worst subjects haha! It's actually not too bad so far. It's a little challenging, but my professor is nice and helpful which makes a huge difference! This class will run only 3 weeks, so I know it's going to fly by. Then I'll be finishing up my very last semester at FCC!
Remember to stay strong and positive - because really, that's the best you can do for yourself and others around you!