Monday, May 20, 2013

AIT has started, and now so has another count down.

Well, I suppose I should summarize my time spent with Matt! I woke up early Wednesday morning and did my best to make my hair look pretty, then got dressed in a pair of army green capris, and a tan tank. I quickly put on some sun screen, and my father and I headed out the door to go see Matt! We got an alright spot in the bleachers, and I saved a spot for Matt's family until they arrived too. The ceremony started at about 9:00 Am. From the woods came big clouds of smoke, and from that smoke came out soldiers running! I don't really know if I can explain just how excited I felt at that moment. A smile stretched wide across my face, and butterflies exploded all throughout my body. I screamed and cheered with many others in the crowd, then we all sat back down and waited until we were allowed on the field to find our loved one. Which was hard by the way, I had no idea where to find Matt because all of the soldiers had moved around the field by the time we got down there. We found him though! I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, and wouldn't let go for anything. I felt as though I would have fallen down if I let go. My legs were shaking with excitement, and I could not get them to stop. Matt even asked me if I was okay haha! He said I sounded like I was hyperventilating and my body was shaking. It's true, I was. We all stood there for a little, and then walked around the tents where all of the vendors were selling things. Matt ended up buying himself an Army sweatshirt, and I think that was all any one bought. I couldn't keep my hands off Matt, and I think he felt the same. Every second of the day my arm was either around his waist, my hand was either tangled in his, or my lips were glued to his. We drove away from the field, and went to a small lake where we all sat and talked more. After that Matt decided he was hungry, and we went to meet his sister Kim at one of the fast food restaurants on base. After everyone who wanted lunch ordered, we all sat on a blanket in the grass and ate and talked some more. Matt's other sister, Rose called and said she was at the hotel, so Kim and Matt's mother went to go pick Rose and her family up. When we were finally ready to move on we went to the PX so Matt could get a bag to keep his uniforms in. Around 4:30 we all went to a sea food buffet dinner held at one of the buildings on base. It was gross, but I think Matt loved just about any food that wasn't served to him in the "chow" room. After that we all went bowling, and that's when I found out I SUCK! But it's okay, it was a lot of fun! Matt had to leave soon after so we all hung outside until it was time. We drove him to the barracks, and said goodbye until his graduation the next day! Once back at the hotel I hung out in Matt's parents room with the family til it got too late for me sit around any longer. The next morning I woke up early once again, and got dressed in a pretty floral dress and white wedges. My dad had to leave back to Maryland, and I headed off to graduation with Matt's sisters. We got a higher up spot on the bleachers this time, but it had a pretty good view. This time the soldiers marched onto the field in their dress blues, and we were able to see Matt with his mom's binoculars. After the ceremony the soldiers were taken back to their barracks on a bus and we were told to pick them up from there. The line to get off the field was un godly, and did not move at all! We decided to take a short cut, and followed some buses to where Matt was waiting. I was determined, and marching down to the barracks with sore feet when Matt's little brother exclaimed "there he is!" I didn't believe him at first, because he usually plays jokes, but I looked over and sure enough there he was! My lips immediately connected to his like a magnet and I did not want to let go! Sadly I had to. We all walked down to the barracks and waited for Matt to be let go so he could come off base with us for the day. I took some pictures of him and his friends, and then we waited in line for a while. It turned out that we were not supposed to be in the line at all, and we ran off as soon as we found that out. We then all went to lunch and had a nice time. Oh! Also, Matt got that promotion we had hoped for! I'm so proud of him :)  After lunch we all went back to the hotel and Matt and I eventually got his new Ipad set up. After that we went to the mall. While there we got our fingers sized, and even picked out some wedding bands we liked! Time went by way too fast, and it was already time for Matt to start getting ready to head back to base. We took him back to the barracks, and walked around for a while until it was absolutely time for him to go. We said our goodbyes, and tears fell down my face as I have him 20 last hugs and kisses before shutting the car door. Luckily, Matt is able to keep his phone and now has a new Ipad, so he will get to talk to me way way more than he could have at boot camp! And thank God for that because instead of a little over 2 months, Matt's AIT lasts for 4 months. Needless to say I'm already ready for it to be over, but I must wait - and I will wait. Getting to see Matt was the happiest I have been in SO long. Not that I haven't been happy, I have been - if you've kept up with this blog so far it is clear that I became ecstatic every single time I heard from Matt. But getting to see his handsome face, and kiss him, and hug him, and tell him how much I love him made me happier than I even knew possible. I was so proud to stand by his side. It's crazy, he's part of the Army now! He's really a soldier, and a good looking soldier might I add :). It's now Monday, and I got to FaceTime with Matt last night. It's not the same as seeing him in person, but getting to see his smile light up when I do something silly is the best feeling in the world! He's in processing all day today - so I'm not sure when I'll hear from him next, but I'm hoping I'll be able to see his face again tonight! Sometimes I think technology is bad, but really - I am so glad it exists. I'd still be relying on snail mail to talk to Matt through AIT if it weren't for technology. I'd survive, yes. But it would be so much harder. Getting to talk to Matt keeps me sane, and I am so so thankful! I lounged on the couch all day long, and fell asleep on and off. The last time I woke up I heard the doorbell ring, so I got up to answer it. At the door was a woman holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. A huge smile appeared on my face as soon as I saw them. I opened the door, and she asked for a Maddison Nelson. That's me!! I signed for the flowers, and took them out of her hand. I then walked into the kitchen and opened the note attached. It read, "Simply because, I love you. Matt." Short and sweet. Happy tears filled my eyes! I was so surprised to get flowers! No one had ever sent me flowers before, and I didn't even ask for them! Obviously I have chosen the right guy to marry, even though I've known that all along. I just feel so blessed to have Matt in my life! I'm so lucky, and so in love!
So there's about 3 months and 3 weeks left now. ... Hopefully the time will go by super fast, but I'm just glad I have Matt to talk to (hopefully every day) this time!