Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 63 of boot camp

Well, day 63 began at about 12:00 AM I guess. Some family stuff is going on that I don't feel comfortable writing about, but we're all stressed out to sum it up. I eventually went back to sleep hours later, and woke up around 9:00 AM for class. I stayed for my Education class, but ended up having to go back home to take care of things here for the rest of the day. I got some shopping done - and bought Matt even more for his birthday when I go see him haha. Then I made a healthy Hawaiian pizza for myself for dinner tonight. After dinner I cleaned up a bit, then took my miniature poodle out for a jog in the rain. Now I'm watching Grimm on the couch with my dog, and typing on here. I am in dire need for a vacation, and I am so so extremely glad that I will be traveling to South Carolina to see Matt in a week. I guess it's true when they say - if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong while your soldier is away. I just can't wait to marry him and travel and live with him - it's not too far away, but I still wish it were sooner :). I'm doing my best to stay positive throughout all the family drama, and missing Matt. Surprisingly I'm much stronger than I ever thought. I have to admit it's getting harder as the time gets closer to seeing Matt .. sounds weird right? You'd think it'd be so much easier knowing I'm about to see him, but it's not. It's not that I'm sad, but I just cannot stay calm!! I'm so excited, and nervous to see him! Kind of weird that I'd be nervous, I've known him for so long.. and I can be my complete self around him, but I'm still so nervous! I want everything to work out perfectly, and I want him to still think I'm perfect, and just ahh! I'm excited. It's just getting so hard to wait any longer!! I'm so close to seeing him, and I just want it to be now :)!!! I love him so much, and I cannot wait to tell him 10000000 times when I see him! I seriously will tell him I love him that many times, Maybe it will be the only thing I say. No, we have wedding details to discuss and I have so much to tell him, but the bulk of my words will be "I LOVE YOU!" that I know for sure. If I didn't make this clear enough earlier ...  I'M REALLY EXCITED!!
Tip of the day: If you're getting as close as I am to seeing your loved one, maybe you'd like to go out and buy them a little something. It'll make it seem so much more real that you will be seeing them soon.
Stay positive! You're getting so close, and you should be so excited!