Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 68 of boot camp

Alright, day 68 began early. I woke up, and slugged up the stairs to sit at the kitchen table with my mom for a while. We ate some breakfast, and I gave her the present I bought her for Mother's Day, then she headed out the door. After that I headed back down the stairs and fixed my hair and make up before deciding what to wear to work. After figuring it all out, with hours to spare, I got Matt's mom's present all ready, and then hung out on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother until my mom and sister came home with Chipotle. I stole some of my mom's food ( she offered ) before heading out the door, and to Matt's house. Once I got there I gave her the present from Matt that he asked me to get for her, and the present from me. She loved them! We then sat and talked until I had to leave and be on my way. I got to work a little early, so I had plenty of time to prepare. Work was busy, but slow at the same time. It was very strange, and I was actually bored at some points. I was finally able to leave around 7:00 Pm. I grabbed my phone and car keys and went to clock out. I looked at my phone to see a text message from Matt. I couldn't believe it! My eyes started swelling with tears of joy. I texted back immediately and hurried home so I could answer as soon as possible when he received my text back. I got home  with no text message back, and waited another 30 minutes with no text message back. I asked his mother if she got a call, and she did! I'm so glad he got to call her on Mother's Day, but I'm also sad that I never got to talk to him. I later found out they were originally allowed 2 hours with their phones, but for some reason that got changed to 30 minutes, and I am assuming that is why I never got a text back. I understand, but it still made me sad. I even sat in my bed and cried - which may be dumb, but I couldn't help it. I was just so excited when I saw his name on my phone, and then I never heard a word back. Oh well. At least I'll be seeing him in 2 days. I shouldn't be getting so sad over not talking to him when I will see him in seriously 2 days, but I just miss him so much, and I miss him now. I sucked it up though, and now here I am typing about it. I got in a long much needed shower, and now I'm putting some finishing touches on my teaching portfolio before heading to bed. I have to wake up early tomorrow and get last minute school work done, and then ... I'LL BE HEADING TO SOUTH CAROLINA TO FINALLY SEE MATT. Yes, I'm very excited.
Tip of the day: Don't sweat the little things, or at least try not to. I understand, sometimes you just want a cry ... and when I say sometimes I mean a lot because I know I've cried a lot these past 2 months. It's okay though, you're allowed to cry, but I do think it would be best for you if you did not sweat the little things. Try and keep a positive attitude - it will keep you feeling happy, and keep others around you feeling happy.
Stay positive ... two more days!! That's nothing! :)