Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 70 of boot camp

This is it! This is the last day of boot camp! I see Matt tomorrow and I am SO excited! I could barely sleep last night. My mind was racing with thoughts of Matt, and I just couldn't close my eyes and calm my thoughts! I eventually fell asleep thought, way too late. I woke up this morning at 7:00 Am and started getting ready to leave for South Carolina. My dad and I left the house around 9:00 Am and after falling asleep twice, and sitting for hours we finally made it to the hotel around 6:00 Pm. We got settled, then headed back out to find a place to eat. On our way we decided to stop by Fort Jackson and make sure we knew where we  were supposed to be tomorrow. After all of that got figured out we stopped at Olive Garden, and ate way too much. While waiting to be seated I got a text message FROM MATT! I actually got to talk to him tonight and it made me soo happy! We talked a little about our wedding, a little about what we should do tomorrow, a little about how much we miss each other, and a little about how much we love each other. It wasn't too much longer when he had to turn his phone back in and say good night. I was sad to stop talking to him so fast, but I will get to spend the whole day with him tomorrow so that makes me feel better! For such a long day, I don't really have much to say. I suppose that's because the bulk of my day was sitting in the car. We're now sitting in the hotel room, waiting for Grimm to come on at 10. After that I'll shower and try my best to sleep before having to wake up even earlier tomorrow. I don't mind waking up early if it means getting to see Matt though, he's worth it :). Okay, I guess I should go and try to relax before tomorrow! It's going to be such an exciting day .. I'm already so excited. I can already tell it will be difficult for me to fall asleep tonight! Oh well!
Tip of the day: Keep a positive attitude and stay looking forward! And try to get some good sleep, you need the energy!
Stay positive :)