Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 66 of boot camp

We're getting so close to the end, and let me tell ya ... I am SO happy! I woke up fairly early this morning, and sat on the deck to drink my coffee and eat some breakfast. After that I showered and went outside to clean my car. I took my little poodle out with me and he ran around the yard as I gathered up way too much trash that should not have been in my car. I got it all out though, and even scrubbed it down, and organized a bit! Now my car is all clean and smelling good for our trip to South Carolina to see Matty!! Gosh I'm so excited! Now I just have to work on the room before he comes back in September.. but I have some time for that big task :). After cleaning my car I came back inside and watched re-runs of The Office before I had to get ready for work. While getting ready I heard the mail truck go by, but there was nothing from Matt when I checked. Now I don't know what to expect since I got a surprise letter yesterday! But I don't care if I don't get any more letters because... only four days left! I headed on my way to work, and had a fine night there. That is except for my horrible headache. One of the girls at work told me she read through my blog and especially liked one of the posts that mentioned them in it. So, here's some more about them. I'm sure I would survive without their support, but I really love those girls and how much they actually do care about what is going on in my life! It's so nice to be able to go to work and know I can talk to them about anything I need to get off my chest. So, thank you ladies for everything! I got to leave a little early, and run to my car in the pouring rain! Lighting lit up the streets on my way home, it almost made it look as if it was day time. I made it home alive, and ran through the pouring rain once again into my house. I made myself some dinner, and took some medicine to get rid of my nasty headache. I changed into comfy clothes - sweats, and Matt's sweatshirt that I took before he left, and finally felt relaxed. As I sit here typing I've noticed my headache is gone - yay! (knock on wood). I'm still so exhausted, and I'm sure I will be during the rest of this hectic weekend at work, and busy last day here on Monday. I just cannot wait for Tuesday when I get to be on my way to South Carolina! I'm just so happy! So truly happy. Just sitting here thinking about my life! I'm so very happy with it and I wouldn't change a thing ... well maybe I'd make it so Matt and I could be together sooner than later, but that's about it :). I'm just so in love and happy and content with how my life is going. The best part is, I know it's just going to get better. I mean, I'm getting married to my dream guy in September!!! And I'll be getting my associates degree soon, and just everything is good!
Tip of the day: Take some time to think about the good things in your life. Don't think of the negatives, just the good things. And maybe go clean your car... It might need a little spring cleaning - mine sure did! I know I always feel better when things are clean!
Stay positive! You're so close, and you have so many reasons to be happy! :)