Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 59 of boot camp

Yesterday, I got to sleep in for a tiny bit before heading off to my last Biology class! Class seemed to go on forever, but I finally made it home. I talked to my mom for a bit, sat outside by myself enjoying the nice weather, and then came back inside to get ready for work! I slowly, but surely got myself ready, then headed out the door and into my car. I checked the mail to find nothing again, but I didn't let it get me down. Work was a little hectic when I first arrived. My reservation book was no where in sight, and I didn't know how to work the new printer for our specials menu. Everything eventually got done though, and the night went on. We were surprisingly VERY busy for a Friday night. One of my reservations that walked in saw part of my Russian tattoo on my shoulder and insisted on taking a picture of it. Flattering, but strange. You get all kinds in the restaurant business. I left at my normal time, painfully walking through the parking lot on my feet that felt flat as pancakes from standing all night. I came home to find a big house salad waiting for me, and a fresh baked desert (which I don't need - but ate anyways). I stayed up kind of late, watching TV and talking to my mom, but I finally walked down to my room at a halfway decent time. The day went by fast, and I'm definitely not complaining about that. A little over a week until I get to go see Matt!! I'm so so excited, I can barely contain myself at times!
Tip of the day: Go somewhere by yourself and enjoy some alone time to clear your busy mind (because I can almost guarantee it's busy). Get a nice coffee, or a cool drink and just take some time to relax!
Stay positive!!