Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 61 of boot camp

I woke up on the couch around 8:00AM, hoping for a Sunday morning call from Matt. We were informed the soldiers would be calling, so I was expecting something today! I laid there for a while, still half asleep, then finally got up to pour myself some coffee. I sat back down on the couch, pulled my fuzzy wolf blanket over my lap and turned on the TV. Shortly after, Matt's mom joined me in the family room and we talked and watched TV for a long time. Matt's little brother had a friend over the night before, and he eventually got  up to spend time with his friend before his mother came to pick him up. When she got to the house Matt's brother ended up going with her and her kids to some sort of festival somewhere! So, Matt's mom and I had the house to ourselves while Jesse, and Matt's step dad were out for the day. We continued to relax and watch TV while talking for hours - still waiting for a call from Matthew. I made myself get up and get ready for work around 2, just so I wasn't rushed later. I made some lunch and we sat and talked for longer, until I had to leave for work. I even waited an extra 10 minutes, just in case Matt called. As I was walking out the door their house phone rang. I immediately turned back around and followed his mom back in side with my arms full of bags, and blankets. I was ready to call work and tell them I'd be a little late because Matt called. It wasn't Matt on the phone though, just a family friend. I was disappointed, but glad I wouldn't have to cut our conversation short because of work. So, off I went. I walked in and very nervously walked up to Lindsey and explained to her how scared I was that Matt would call - and I wouldn't be able to answer. I can't even explain how horrible I would feel if Matt tried to call me, and I was unable to pick up the phone.  The last thing I want to do is make him sad!! The girls at work told me that if my phone rang they'd watch over the front so I could talk to Matt ... I love them, they are seriously the best. So the night went on, and I felt much more comfortable. My boss hired some men to play music for Cinco de Mayo today. They weren't bad, but they we'rent playing any Hispanic music either. They were older, around their later 50's probably. They were very nice, and wanted to talk to everyone in the restaurant. They even came up to talk to me, thinking I was Spanish. I informed them I was not at all, but they insisted that I looked the part. I've been told that my whole life, and I guess I might kind of look Latina with my dark skin, eyes, and hair, but I'm not. They even decided to come up with a Spanish name for me, Chichi ... which I was just told is a slang for boobs in Spanish. Great! Just so great and disgusting. I'm hoping the men had no idea, since I was completely unaware too. I'm assuming they are nice old men, and not creeps. Anyways, the night went by fast (not as fast as I wanted, but fast enough). I headed home around 7:30 - still no call from Matt, and thankfully no missed call. I sent his mom a text, asking if she received a call, but she said she had not either. Now I'm a little weirded out as to why he didn't call. The website said they were supposed to call!! I guess you can't always rely on what the Army says all the time though. My night went on, and I headed off to bed. I didn't go to bed though, I sat on my bed and listened to an old voice mail from Matt about 3 times. Then I read through all of his old letters and cried with my face buried in a blanket. Oh well, I miss him so much and I just had to cry a little to let it all out. 10 more days! That's not too bad... I can make it! I guess I'm just getting more and more excited because the time is getting so close, and I just don''t want to have to wait any longer!! - but I do, so I better just suck it up. I'm done crying now, and I'm cuddled up in bed typing this - very ready for sleep.
Tip of the day: If you feel sad, or lonely; one, just cry. - let it all out, you need to do that at least once in a while. Try reading through old notes, or listening to old messages to your loved one. Maybe it will make you feel so much better! I know it made me feel at least a little better!
Stay positive!!