Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 58 of boot camp

Today is Matt's 21st birthday!!! And I cannot be with him, which makes me very sad. I hope he's gotten my birthday card by now, but who knows. Last week he told me it had been a week since he got any mail from me. I'm sure you all know me pretty well by now, and know that I definitely sent several letters - there's no way I'd let him go letter-less for a week! So, I left the house a little early to pump gas before heading to school. I think I left a little too early though, because I got there about 30 minutes early. So, I sat in my car and took a quick cat nap before walking to class. After class I spoke with my professor about assignments I need to get in for my LAST WEEK next week! Then I go see Matt!! After that I stopped by the mall to buy some presents, then sat outside of Barnes and Noble to be rudely disturbed by a loud girl talking about drugs on her cell phone and blowing cigarette smoke in my face. I decided to walk away and drive back to school. I sat in the parking lot for hours listening to classic rock, and reading up on some history before class. The time passed slowly, but it eventually came time for class. I grabbed a coffee and headed up the stairs. Class went by pretty fast, and then I was on my way home. I stopped by the mailbox, but found nothing from Matt today. I wasn't too disappointed, but I'll keep checking every day! I ate some left overs for dinner, then hopped in the shower for much needed relaxing time. After that my mom and I headed to Walmart, I needed to pick up a prescription, and get some other things, and she needed flowers. We got home around 8:00 PM, and I started on some homework. I finished one of my assignments, but I'll start on another as soon as  I'm done this. I was a little sad today, since it's Matt's birthday he's on my mind extra today! I know I'll see him so soon, but I just don't want to wait any longer! Whenever I start to think about seeing him I get so excited, and my stomach fills with happy, fluttering butterflies! I've only got about a week and 4 days to go. I know it's going to fly by, but for now it still seems too far away! haha. I sound ridiculous, this is nothing  compared to the 70 something days we started with, but I just can't help myself.
Tip of the day: Earlier, when I told my friend Sarah I was feeling sad she told me to "Get out and enjoy the day :)" I couldn't exactly do this because I had class, but it's good advice. When you're having a bad day, especially during the beautiful spring time - get out and enjoy the day! I'm sure the pretty weather will make you feel better and lighten whatever mood you may be in.
Stay positive! :)